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Top 5 Most Popular Anime Female Characters Today

Anime is a popular media genre full of beautifully drawn female characters. These anime characters are a part of the ever-growing list of female characters that you can find today: some have been around for over many years, and others have been created recently. Whether you’re looking for some new anime to watch or just want to learn more about what’s currently trending, this article should give you some good information.

1. Maki Zenin – Jujutsu Kaisen

One of the unique characters throughout the entire series is Maki Zenin, who is aware of how powerful she has become despite being a sorcerer without cursed energy. Maki is forced to rely primarily on cursed tools and her extraordinary physical power as a result. Knowing that she is not cursed, Maki Zenin developed her body to the fullest potential, making her one of the physically strongest when it comes to physical fighting.

Despite not possessing cursed energy, Maki Zenin could completely outclass most sorcerers; after reaching the pinnacle of her power after Mai died, Maki Zenin went so far as to wipe out her own clan.


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2. Kugisaki Nobara- Jujutsu Kaisen

Kugisaki Nobara is unlike any female anime character before her in that she has an imposing personality but is happy among those she cares about. Nobara combines her cursed energies with her unique hammer and nails to fight and exorcize Cursed Spirits. Nobara can hit it easily because she can use her cursed power to lift her claws.
Nobara’s “Straw Doll Technique,” which enables her to harm anyone by simply taking a piece of them, was one of her menacing techniques. It was physically possible for Nobara to deliver a powerful punch over a great distance by combining it with her doll.


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3. Ogino Chihiro – Spirited Away

The lead character in the film exemplifies a young girl’s tenacity. Chihiro struggles to save her parents from their irresponsibility and endures many hardships; from finding a job to stopping the River Spirit and No-Face from destroying the bathhouse to protecting Haku, Chihiro demonstrates that she is the unconventional hero that we all need. Like many of director Hayao Miyazaki’s movies, Spirited Away also features a strong female lead who audiences can identify with, and Chihiro Ogino is the ideal choice for the role.


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4. Roxy Migurdia – Mushoku Tensei

From the Migurd tribe, Roxy Migurdia is an extremely talented wizard. She left her tribe behind to tour the world because she could not use telepathy to contact them. In an effort to increase her income, Roxy joined the Adventure Guild. The Ranoa Magic Academy later accepted her.

She received her degree, turned into a Water Saint, and was then employed by Rudeus’ parents, Zenith and Paul, as a tutor. She spent two years teaching Rudeus magic before departing again. She afterward took on the role of Pax’s and Shirone’s prince’s tutor. She carried on letter-writing when she left Rudeus’ home.

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5. Sylphiette – Mushoku Tensei

Sylphiette has elven and human ancestry. She is of the elf/beast race. Sylphiette endured bullying her entire life because of her mixed race, pointed ears, and long hair. Rudeus made friends with her after rescuing her from bullies.

Following the teleportation event, Sylphiette was teleported to the Royal Palace. Her green hair turned white. At the Royal Palace, she rescued Princess Ariel, who was third in line to succeed Asura as queen. Later, Sylphiette served as Ariel’s bodyguard under the alias “Fitts.” She is enrolled at Ranoa Magic Academy and wows everyone with her silent incantations.

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